Garden Design

You want to make more of your garden? I can help you develop your garden into a more enjoyable space. This may just need a few additions to make your garden more interesting, extending the flowering season, adding more colour, interesting foliage, a longer season of interest. Or it be may a complete re-design of a particular area of your garden. You may just need ideas for things to climb on your fences. Or you are just unsure of what will grow well and look good in your garden.

I can help with this. I typically meet with you to understand your particular garden and what you would like it to be. On subsequent visits I tend to bring a lot of pictures of plants and ideas of different garden looks. I will bring my knowledge of what grows where and what is likely to thrive in your garden. That way I  build up a planting plan for your garden. You are involved as much in this process as you would like to be, to make sure this reflects what you want the garden to be. Once a planting plan is agreed I can source the plants and plant them up. In the long run, I can help as little or as much as you need. For some people that means regular garden maintenance visits, for others I may just come twice a year to keep them going. This is really driven by what you need.